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Signs That Your Loved One Needs 24-Hour Home Care

24-hour Home Care in Manhattan NY
24-hour Home Care in Manhattan NY

Many seniors choose to age in place rather than join a nursing home. Why? Being home and aging in place gives a senior a sense of control and freedom that a nursing home may not provide. Many seniors love living in nursing homes, but it depends on what your loved one wants to do and the options available to them. Luckily, 24-hour home care has been a huge trend in senior living, and it can be one of the best ways to ensure your loved one is staying safe while aging in place. But how do you know when your loved one needs 24-hour home care? Here are a few signs that may mean your loved one needs extra help at home.

Your Senior Hates Cooking

Your senior may not exactly hate cooking, but they may find it too challenging, forget the oven is on, or don’t know what their diet should be because they forget what the doctor told them. All of this can be a normal part of aging, but that doesn’t mean they should avoid eating, or if they continue to eat, you may notice it is with processed foods that aren’t good for them. 24-hour home care can help your loved one prepare meals throughout the week so they always have access to fresh foods that are healthy and well-rounded.

They May Start Wandering

If you catch your senior loved one wandering in the middle of the night or a neighbor tells you they have been going for nightly strolls, it can cause you to worry. Your senior loved one may get lost easier at night time, or they may wander off during the day and forget where they are. This is not a normal sign of aging, and something else may have them wandering around. So, it is important to hire 24-hour home care for your loved one and encourage your senior mom or dad to go to the doctor to get checked out.

A Senior May Not Be Able To Manage The Household

When your senior becomes older, it can be hard to move around and hard to manage everything they used to. Things don’t always come with ease as a person ages. If you start to notice unfolded laundry, dirty bathrooms, and dirty floors, it may be a sign they can no longer manage a big home. They may need to downsize spaces, or they may need an extra set of hands. 24-hour home care can provide light household duties for your loved one, which will help keep them at home for much longer.

You May Not Live Nearby

As much as you want to be near your parents, it doesn’t always work out like that. You may have your own family or kids to care for, and that’s okay. If you are worried about caring for your senior, it’s time to look into hiring someone. These caregivers will provide help and companionship and keep you in the loop of what is really going on with your mom or dad.

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