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Live-In Home Care

Providing exceptional Live-In Home Care at Home for seniors and families in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester County.

Take advantage of our home care services today, which are all designed to help our clients achieve overall wellness. To execute our mission, we offer various non-medical home care services that are made specifically to meet your health and personal needs. Our team of professional caregivers is ready to assist you with your daily routine. The services we offer are all aimed towards improving your overall well-being.

Our in-home care services aim to offer home care to every individual in the comfort of their own home. Our professional caregivers are responsible for giving around-the-clock care and supervision to ensure that your needs are immediately met. The caregiver will also perform regular monitoring to see if there are changes or improvements in your health.

Live-In Home Care Near You in New York

24-hour care has been shown to improve the quality of life for those who have a hard time functioning on their own. 

Are you considering 24-hour home care or live-in home care? If so, it is worth looking into our live-in or around-the-clock caregiver programs, which can provide much-needed companionship and support when difficult situations arise.

No matter what happens after hours at night or during off days – if someone falls ill unexpectedly, you will be relieved knowing there’s a dedicated caregiver by your side throughout this trying time.

What is the Difference Between 24-Hour Home Care and Live-In Home Care?

Live-in home care is a service where one caregiver lives in the home and provides near around-the-clock assistance.

You want a live-in caregiver who will ensure that they are taking the best interests of your well-being and safety into consideration, all while providing companionship and support in times when you need it most.

Labor laws require that the Live-In Caregiver have sleep time, mealtime, and free time. Room and board are the responsibility of the client as part of the service. Additional work, if required, may result in additional charges.

We offer both live-in as well as 24-hour services so if you need help with household tasks aside from just companionship, we’ve got those covered too!

We have the capabilities to meet almost any in-home care service request. Call today to learn more about our services.

The reviews are in and we’re doing pretty well. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials and read for yourself.
24-Hour Home Care Services in New York City.
24-Hour Home Care Services in New York City.

What Does a Live-In Caregiver Do?

Live-in caregivers offer a crucial service to those who would otherwise have no choice but to leave their homes, due to physical and mental limitations. They help with many of the daily tasks that can be difficult for individuals without assistance – from shopping and meal preparation, all the way down through cleaning dishes after every use.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Why Choose Amelia Home Care for Live-In Home Care in New York?

  • Dedicated to customer service excellence
  • Specialists in 24-hour Live-In Home Care
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick response to need
  • Patient/aide interview (if requested)

Our in-home care services are personalized to make sure that our clients receive the right kind of care. By performing a detailed intake to determine the patient’s precise needs and personality, Amelia Home Care “fits” a patient with an aide who is:

  • Compatible in personality
  • Has a suited level of experience for patient
  • Can work with specific disorders, i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease

We recognize that everyone has different needs, which is why there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions at Amelia Home Care.

What Are the Benefits of Live-In Home Care?

Live-in caregivers are ideal for those who want to stay in their homes but still get the benefits of having an extra person around.

Live-in caregivers offer companionship and help with daily tasks that would be difficult or impossible to do on your own, such as cooking a meal without assistance from someone else.

They also can assist you if there is trouble relating with others outside of home, which might happen due to isolation or mental illness.

Cost Savings: A considerable amount of money can be saved by using live-in caregivers instead of 24-hour care provided by way of two or three-shift caregivers.

Easy Transitioning: Live-In Home Care is ideal for recovering from injury or illness as it avoids the nervous periods during which shift changes are occurring.

Better Communication: The care recipients’ family members enjoy talking to a single caregiver when they call for updates on their loved one’s health.

Greater Reliability: Live-in relationships involve greater bonding between the care providers and their patients; they have in the past shown less turnover in caregivers than in live-out relationships.

Why Choose Amelia Home Care for Live-In Home Care in New York?

Personal Care

  • Follows care plan as set forth by the Supervisor.
  • Prepares and serves meals according to client’s dietary needs and assists clients with feeding if so needed.
  • Provides a safe environment for the client.
  • Assists client with ambulation and with transfers from bed to chair or wheelchair. (Registered Nurse Supervisor will assess transfers for both client and employee safety.)
  • Remind client to take medications
  • Helps with client’s personal grooming including care of hair, teeth and mouth, dressing, shaving and nail care.
  • Provides or assists with full or partial bath in the tub/shower or the bed.

Homemaking Duties

  • Takes care of all personal laundry and bed linens for client.
  • Makes and changes the bed.
  • Cleans up bathroom and kitchen after use
  • The client’s room will be kept clean. This will include dusting and vacuuming.
  • Grocery shopping assistance.

Companion Care

Our companionship care services allow for our clients to go about their daily lives while being accompanied by someone who can ensure they remain safe at the same time.

Companionship Care Provides the Following:

  • Accompanies client to medical appointments or social gatherings when necessary.
  • Provides socialization and support for the client by establishing rapport.
  • Caregivers keep simple records related to the care plan. These records are monitored by the Supervisor.
  • For safety reasons, Caregivers are not allowed to leave the client alone. Therefore, the client must make arrangements for grocery shopping and other errands if needed.


Are you ready for an Amelia Home Care Certified Technologist to install and train your family to be connected and safe. With The Amelia Home Care Program, Seniors can live independently longer, safe from falls and other common concerns. There’s an emergency button to request help at anytime, and also activity sensors that will detect hazards and call for help when it’s need.

We offer a full breath of in-home care services to meet the individual needs of your family and loved ones. View all of our services to see how we can help you.
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