Providing Home Care Services and Virtual Caregiving Technology in
the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester County

Your Care, Our Passion.

24 hours a day. Safe, Monitored Care.

Seniors can live independently longer, with our remote monitoring systems.  Our caregivers monitor health and can check in anytime – without disturbing the senior or invading their privacy. We specialize in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home Care, 24-Hour Home Care, Veteran’s Home Care and Live-in Care.

Welcome to Amelia Home Care - A Forward Thinking Technology Assisted Home Care Agency serving the Brooklyn, Manhattan and surrounding areas.

Amelia Home Care addresses avoidable readmissions by blending live 24/7 Professional Remote Care Coordination (RCC) with the latest intuitive remote patient monitoring. Learn more about our advances in technology.
Virtual In-Home Care Technology in NYC by Amelia Home Care
Virtual Caregiving is a unique way to provide monitored care for your loved-one. Virtual Caregiving is an excellent solution to enhance the care that is provided by your Amelia Home Care Caregiver, filling in the gaps when the caregiver is not on shift.
Veterans Home Care Services in New York City
Amelia Home Care provides in-home private duty care services for veteran seniors and their surviving spouses. Personal care services keep seniors in their own homes longer by preventing illness and the worsening of long-term medical conditions.
In-Home Alzheimer’s Disease Care in NYC
In-Home Dementia Care allows seniors to stay in their own home for as long as possible, before moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Familiar environments offer security and peace of mind for individuals with dementia.
Companion Care & Personal Care Services in New York City.
At Amelia Home Care, our team works with each family to develop a customized plan of care to address their unique needs. Companions typically make regular visits, which may vary in frequency depending on the care recipient’s unique needs.
Live-In Home Care Services in New York City.
Live-in home care is a service where one caregiver lives in the home and provides near around-the-clock assistance. A live-in caregiver will ensure your well-being and safety, while providing companionship in times when you need it most.

Providing exceptional 24-Hour Home Care at Home for seniors and families in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester County.

Take advantage of our home care services today, which are all designed to help our clients achieve overall wellness.

Amelia Home Care provides In-Home Care in New York

Our team of highly trained and competent staff members are dedicated to delivering home care services. Supported by technology our service provides unsurpassed peace of mind.

Providing exceptional home care for Brookly, NY area.

Take advantage of our home care services today. Our team of professional caregivers is ready to assist you with your daily routine. We offer services aimed towards improving lives.

Top Virtual Caregiving & Remote Patient Monitoring in New York by Amelia Home Care. We provide in-home care and virtual care in NYC & Westchester County in NY.

You deserve peace of mind. Our care coordinators are ready to setup your care services, and our certified remote patient monitoring technologists are ready to install everything you need.

Are you ready for an Amelia Home Care Certified Technologist to install a Family Care Pack and educate your family to be connected and safe.

With The Amelia Home Care Family Program, Seniors can live independently longer, safe from falls and other common concerns. There’s an emergency button to request help at any time, and also activity sensors that will detect hazards and call for help when it’s needed.

Reviews From our Clients

This home health aide service agency has been excellent in helping us care for our grandfather. Their caregivers are exceptional. They should be your top choice if you are looking for the best home health aide care for your loved ones in the Brooklyn, NY area!


This home health aide is a pleasure to deal with! They are all so kind, compassionate, understanding and dedicated people. I’m very grateful to have connected with Amelia Homecare of Brooklyn, NY! Would recommend it!


24-Hour Home Care and Virtual Care in New York

Amelia Home Care, serving Manhattan and the surrounding areas in NYC, provides 24-hour home care and virtual care that meets the physical and mental needs of our seniors.

Our trained caregivers provide 24/7 help with everything from daily personal tasks to post-op care to help them get better faster. An Amelia Home Care team member will meet with your family to create a plan of care that meets everyone’s needs.

Our 24-Hour Home Care services help with everyday tasks and personal care needs.

Personal Care – Our caregivers assist with all kinds of personal care including bathing, eating, dressing, and toileting.

Emotional Care – Our compassionate, trained caregivers develop trust with seniors through heart-felt activities, conversation, and companionship.

Homemaker Services– As common chores become more challenging for your senior, we can help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and more.

Our top priority is to make sure your aging loved one receives the correct level of care and support needed. We want you, as the family caregiver, to have peace of mind. For every challenge, Amelia Home Care has a senior care solution. 

What is Virtual Caregiving at Home?

Virtual Caregiving is a unique way to provide monitored care for your loved-one. Virtual Caregiving is an excellent solution to enhance the care that is provided by your Amelia Home Care Caregiver, filling in the gaps when the caregiver is not on shift.

There’s an urgent need for a service that helps seniors live in their homes longer and more safely. Every home is different and every lifestyle is different, and solutions from other platforms simply aren’t smart enough to address these real-world challenges.

A new solution is needed that incorporates modern technologies to serve as a comprehensive safety net. We fix this with a remote care service that is the most intuitive in the world. It learns constantly to predict wellness-related concerns of people in the home, and it’s remarkably simple to setup and operate.

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