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In-Home Alzheimer’s Disease Care

Providing exceptional Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care at Home for seniors and families in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester County.

Take advantage of our home care services today, which are all designed to help our clients achieve overall wellness. To execute our mission, we offer various non-medical home care services that are made specifically to meet your health and personal needs. Our team of professional caregivers is ready to assist you with your daily routine. The services we offer are all aimed towards improving your overall well-being.

Our in-home care services aim to offer home care to every individual in the comfort of their own home. Our professional caregivers are responsible for giving around-the-clock care and supervision to ensure that your needs are immediately met. The caregiver will also perform regular monitoring to see if there are changes or improvements in your health.

Do Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients Do Better at Home?

The biggest value in hiring in-home dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers to provide care for an elderly loved one with dementia or chronic health problems, is that it allows them to age in place.

In-Home Dementia Care allows seniors to stay in their own home for as long as possible, before moving on into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Familiar environments offer a great deal of security and peace of mind for individuals with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Disease is commonly known as a memory disorder, but it affects your loved one in more ways than just their memories. Along with moments of forgetfulness and confusion, they might experience changes to their personality and emotional well-being. In later stages Alzheimer’s patients may also need assistance from caregivers for dressing or bathing themselves among other day-to-day activities like eating.

In-home care is the first choice for seniors with all types of dementia diagnoses. For those who want to stay in their homes, it is an excellent option, giving seniors and families comfort and the peace of mind they need. Home care also offers assistance for family caregivers by helping them get rest and self-care, to stay healthy and recharge.

Alzheimer’s In-Home Care services are beneficial because they allow patients/clients remain where they are comfortable and anxiety levels are decreased.

Specially trained home health aides for dementia patients can be the ideal starting point for families who need extra help with their loved ones but want to prevent or delay placement in a long-term care facility.

What Do Dementia Home Care Services Include?

With help from Amelia Home Care, your loved one can receive assistance with a large variety of tasks and activities. Our in-home care includes:

  • Companionship
  • Monitoring and Wandering prevention
  • Managing moments of confusion, anxiety, and anger
  • Accompany to MD and other appointments
  • Medication reminders
  • Laundry and light housekeeping
  • Meal planning and meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping and prescription pickups
  • Help with dressing and grooming
  • Assistance with bathing and toileting
  • Mobility and transfer assistance
In-Home Alzheimer’s Disease Care in NYC
In-Home Alzheimer’s Disease Care in NYC

Alzheimer’s In-Home Care Changes as Your Family Needs More Help

In-home dementia care can be modified to provide as much or as little assistance a senior requires, and changes can be made whenever necessary. There are non-medical options such as companion care and homemaker services.

There are also personal care options that include aides who assist individuals with daily activities like bathing or feeding themselves while monitoring other needs.

In-Home Care for Alzheimer’s and dementia clients might only last for a short time when the primary family caregiver is recovering from injury/illness (a respite), or it might be around-the-clock care for a long period of time. In-Home Care come in all shapes and sizes depending on what kind of need you’re experiencing.

The reviews are in and we’re doing pretty well. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials and read for yourself.
In-Home Alzheimer’s Disease Care in NYC
Top In-Home Alzheimer’s Disease Care and Dementia Care at Home in New York City and Westchester County. Learn more about our in-home care in NYC today. Call now

Does Medicare Cover Alzheimer’s Care at Home?

  • Medicare covers inpatient hospital care and some of the doctors’ fees and other medical items for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia who are age 65 or older. Medicare Part D also covers many prescription drugs.
  • Medicare will pay for up to 100 days of skilled nursing home care under limited circumstances. However, custodial long-term nursing home care is not covered.
  • Medicare will pay for hospice care delivered in the home, a nursing facility or an inpatient hospice facility for people with dementia who are determined by a doctor to be near the end of life.
  • Medicare will not cover the cost of non-medical home care (long-term care) in the home. Medicare was designed to cover short-term illnesses and rehabilitation time.

Looking for Alzheimer’s Home Care Near You?

If you are looking for Dementia Home Care services near you, Amelia Home Care professional caregivers have extensive experience caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. These services can make your loved one’s care much easier. Our professionals will be able to provide valuable companionship and enable family caregiver’s much-needed respite time, which is crucial in the long run of a senior living with dementia. Get Started today to get your questions answered.
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