Providing Home Care Services and Virtual Caregiving Technology in
the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester County


What our clients say about us:

They are doing an amazing job caring for my grandmother. So compassionate, parent and attentive to my grandmother’s needs. We are lucky to have this home care service right here in Brooklyn, NY!

Elsa Perry

This home health aide service agency has been excellent in helping us care for our grandfather. Their caregivers are exceptional. They should be your top choice if you are looking for the best home health aide care for your loved ones in the Brooklyn, NY area!

Constance Greene

This home health aide is a pleasure to deal with! They are all so kind, compassionate, understanding and dedicated people. I’m very grateful to have connected with Amelia Homecare best Agency in New York City! Would recommend it!

Edel Lamotte

I know I have not formally met you yet, however I wanted to step in here and THANK YOU and your team for making this happen. It is amazing when we are able to work with an agency that has the dedication that your agency has displayed thus far. We realize that it is no easy task to contract quickly, find a nurse, train a nurse, and complete a visit in a short time, especially with the amount of change that occurred due to weather. Please know from the entire Makren team, we are grateful for your partnership and are looking forward to many more trials and visits together.


Amelia Homecare of Brooklyn, NY is the best choice for home health care needs. They are extremely professional, caring, empathic, supportive, detail-oriented and dependable. Would recommend!

Mitchel Scriven

This home health aide agency is terrific! They are very easy to deal with and responsive to client’s needs. I encourage you to work with this company without hesitation if you need home care service in Brooklyn, NY!

MD najim Rajjk

Very reliable and trustworthy home health care service. Their staff takes fantastic care of my grandpa. I honestly think this is the best home care agency in New York City! Would recommend!

Chena Shohor

Fantastic home health aide service with exceptional caregivers! They will take great care of your loved ones! I highly recommend Amelia Homecare of Brooklyn, NY!

Elen Grangion

Thanks a lot! Our home attendant is extremely dependable, caring, professional, respectful and hes a great personality! I would recommend this home attend company to anyone in New York City.

Arabindu Chakraboty

I have only good things to say about this home attend service. They have an amazing team of professionals! Use them if you need the best home care service in Brooklyn, NY!

loraine koch

Maintain the good work. The people are very nice to work with, dependable and caring. Would suggest to anyone looking for the best home health aid care in New York City!

lawanda kriens

Exceptional customer service, remarkably professional and caring home health aide attendants. I will continue to use this HHA agency in Brooklyn, NY because they have earned my trust.

mahabub bapari

The level of care is outstanding, they could not be more punctual, professional and reliable! I strongly recommend Amelia Homecare of Brooklyn, NY to anyone that wants exceptional home care.

Steaven Sawerty

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