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Understanding the Causes of Cataracts in Seniors

Home care assistance helps seniors understand and prevent cataracts, a common age-related condition that clouds the eye's natural lens and reduces eyesight.
Home care assistance can help seniors prevent and manage cataracts.
Home care assistance can help seniors prevent and manage cataracts.

The body changes dramatically with age, with some more obvious changes. One such alteration that frequently impacts seniors is the onset of cataracts. Cataracts occur when the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded. The condition can severely reduce eyesight and lower quality of life. Home care assistance can help seniors understand the impact of cataracts and how to prevent them.


What Are Cataracts?

As mentioned, cataracts occur when the eye’s natural lens becomes clouded. More specifically, when proteins in the eye’s lens group together to create hazy patches. This clouding can make vision hazy, dull, or distorted, making it difficult to read, drive, or recognize faces.


What Causes Cataracts?

Unfortunately, growing older is the primary cause of cataracts, which is something that can’t be remedied. However, there are other issues that might raise the risk that seniors might develop cataracts, such as the following:


Seniors have a higher chance of developing cataracts if they have close relatives who have had them.


Seniors who have diabetes have an increased chance of cataract development. High blood sugar can alter the lens of the eye, increasing the risk of cataract development.

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation

Extended sun exposure can harm the proteins in the lens of the eye, raising the chance of cataract development. Home care assistance can encourage seniors to wear sunglasses with UV protection to help lower this risk.


The carcinogens in tobacco smoke have the potential to hasten the development of cataracts.

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking too much alcohol has been linked to a higher risk of cataract development. The key to reducing this risk factor is moderation.


Long-term use of several medications, such as corticosteroids, may promote the development of cataracts. If seniors take medication for a lengthy period of time, it’s important for them to talk about side effects with their healthcare provider.

Eye Injuries and Inflammation

Uveitis, a chronic inflammation of the eye, or past eye injuries can also result in cataract development. One way to stop this is to protect the eyes from harm and to treat any eye diseases as soon as possible. Home care assistance can help seniors with this by reminding them to take precautions when necessary.

Inadequate Nutrition

A diet lacking essential nutrients, particularly antioxidants like vitamins C and E, can increase the risk of cataracts. Home care assistance can help by assisting seniors in creating a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables.


Although cataracts are a common and frequently unavoidable aspect of aging, seniors can take preventive action if they are aware of the causes. Home care assistance can help them lower their risks and maintain better vision health far into their golden years by leading a healthy lifestyle, shielding their eyes from damaging UV rays, and ensuring they make and keep their vision appointments.

Ultimately, preserving their vision can improve their quality of life as they age, which is the best reason to encourage seniors to remember the above information.



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