Embrace a New You on Self-Renewal Day

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While it’s unclear who exactly established Self-Renewal Day on February 2nd, it’s an important self-care day. As a family caregiver, you put everyone else’s needs first and push your own self-care needs aside. This isn’t healthy. Self-Renewal Day is about looking at your life, deciding what you want, and renewing your goals and life plans. […]

Is Companion Care Right for Your Senior Parent?

Companion Care at Home in Bronx

If you live far from your senior parent or can’t visit as often as you’d like, then companion care at home might be a good option for them. Companion care at home helps address one of the biggest problems seniors who are aging at home face – loneliness. Loneliness, anxiety, and depression can impact seniors […]

Keeping Your Bladder Healthy

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Although it may not be a popular topic, bladder health is important as a person gets older. The bladder is an organ in the body located in the lower abdomen. It is a hollow organ that holds urine. Aging causes bladder changes among many seniors. It may become less flexible, making it difficult to hold […]

Tips for Handling Overnight Care Needs

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Cancer is taking a toll on your mom’s overall wellness. She’s tired all the time and has a hard time walking around without support. You’re with her for a few hours each day, but you’re scared of her being alone all night. Here are tips for handling overnight care. Discuss Her Health and Care Needs […]

How Does Home Care Assistance Work?

Home Care Assistance in Yonkers

Your family has been talking about your dad’s care needs. Since his diagnosis of high blood pressure and diabetes, he’s struggled to manage all the necessary changes. For that reason, your family is interested in learning more about home care assistance. How does it work? You Decide How Much Care Is Needed Before you even […]

What Technology Can Help With Caregiving?

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Have you ever considered the value of technology in helping your mom age at home? Presently, you’re not able to spend every day with her, and she also doesn’t need a lot of care. Given that, technology can make a big difference in her safety and happiness. It’s important to consider what devices will help […]

How Seniors With Parkinson’s Can Hang Onto Their Mobility

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Seniors with Parkinson’s usually struggle to hold onto their mobility. As the disease progresses, it attacks the part of the brain that controls balance and the ability to move. Tremors, or uncontrolled body movements, are common during the progression of this disease. It’s also common for seniors to slowly find it harder and harder to […]

How to Respond to a Senior’s Hallucinations

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Hallucinations can be frightening, and yet many seniors experience them. These episodes of seeing hallucinations can also be frightening to the caretakers who don’t know what’s going on. If your senior hallucinates, you may need more help with them than you initially thought. It can be time to look for 24-hour home care to keep an […]

Can Remote Patient Monitoring Improve Your Dad’s Health?

Remote Patient Monitoring in Brooklyn

Your dad was recently in the hospital after his blood sugar levels rose too high. His medical team recommends remote patient monitoring when he’s back home. What is it and how will it help? What Remote Patient Monitoring Can Do Remote patient monitoring is a service where remote care coordinators call and talk to your […]

How Can Virtual Caregiving Help During Healthy Aging Month?

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Healthy Aging Month is a time to raise awareness of the practices to embrace as you age. Certainly, it’s more than eating the right foods and getting exercise. Healthy aging is about taking care of your mental and emotional health, staying social and engaged within your community, and taking care of your vision. Have you […]