How Can Virtual Caregiving Help During Healthy Aging Month?

Virtual Caregiving in Brooklyn

Healthy Aging Month is a time to raise awareness of the practices to embrace as you age. Certainly, it’s more than eating the right foods and getting exercise. Healthy aging is about taking care of your mental and emotional health, staying social and engaged within your community, and taking care of your vision. Have you […]

Use Remote Patient Monitoring to Ensure Your Mom’s Care

Remote Patient Monitoring in Bronx

A recent job promotion brought you to Europe, but your mom is in the U.S. The distance bothers you, especially after she was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. The pay increase was substantial, but being an ocean away is also stressful. As an only child, you need reassurance that someone is local and […]

Personal Care Tips for Seniors

Personal Care In Yonkers

As seniors age, they may start having personal care and hygiene issues. While it can be awkward to discuss hygiene and personal care with your senior parent, it’s essential to talk about any issues they’re having. Hygiene is part of maintaining good health, and seniors who have medical conditions like diabetes must maintain good hygiene […]

Fill Gaps in Your Dad’s COVID Care With Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

At last count, almost 87.3 people in the U.S. have had COVID. Many people feel better within ten days, but some people still have signs of COVID for weeks or months and start to wonder if there’s something else wrong. While vaccinations have helped protect people, long COVID is affecting an estimated 13% of the […]

6 Times When Virtual Caregiving Helps Families

Virtual Caregiving in Yonkers NY: Family Assistance

What is virtual caregiving at home? It’s a service available to people who need someone checking in when a family caregiver or paid caregiver isn’t there. Here are six of the times when virtual caregiving helps families. Meal Reminders It’s a common occurrence that your mom forgets to eat. She has diabetes, so she needs […]

Is Remote Patient Monitoring Suitable After Surgery?

Remote Patient Monitoring in New York City NY: Post Surgery Care

Your mom had surgery, but she hates the idea of staying in the hospital during her recovery. She also doesn’t want to move to a rehabilitation community. She wants to go home. Have you looked at remote patient monitoring as an alternative? Remote patient monitoring is a service designed to prevent hospital readmissions. Studies have […]

Differences Between Virtual Caregiving and Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring in New York City NY: Virtual Caregiving vs Remote Patient Monitoring

After his minor surgery, your dad is home alone. While it’s okay if he’s alone, his medical team recommends that he has someone checking in for the next week. You’ve come across virtual caregiving and remote patient monitoring. Which is the best service for his needs? To better understand what virtual caregiving and remote patient […]

Address Your Mom’s Medical Needs During National Women’s Health Week

Virtual Caregiving in Nassau NY: Medical Needs

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services established Women’s Health Week to get women to stand up and take charge of their health. It falls from May 8th to the 14th in 2022. It’s not focused on one specific disease or condition. Instead, it focuses on all health conditions women face. It covers everything […]

Can Remote Patient Monitoring Help With High Blood Pressure?

Remote Patient Monitoring in Queens NY: High Blood Pressure

The American College of Cardiology defines the first stage of high blood pressure as blood pressure of 130 over 80 or higher. If your blood pressure is 140 over 90 or higher, it’s stage two and something 47% of the population is experiencing. You got the call that people fear. Your mom fell and hit […]