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What Are Pressure Sores and How Can Personal Care at Home Help?

Personal care at home caregivers play a crucial role in preventing bed sores for bedridden elderly, ensuring they receive the necessary support to age comfortably and safely.
Personal care at home can help bedridden seniors prevent and manage pressure sores.
Personal care at home can help bedridden seniors prevent and manage pressure sores.

If your elderly mom or dad is bedridden, there is a chance they could develop bed sores, which are also known as pressure sores. Your loved one may get these sores due to prolonged pressure on the skin. Personal care at home caregivers can help your loved one prevent these sores from happening altogether.

As your loved one ages, they will need extra help from family, friends, and professionals. But if they are bedridden, they will certainly need someone like personal care at home caregivers to help them thrive while they age in place.


They Can Help Keep a Person Clean

One of the most important things a senior will need to focus on is keeping clean and dry. It is easy for a bed-bound senior to forget to bathe since it is hard to move. They may also forget to change clothing regularly and have a hard time changing bed sheets. These are all things that personal care at home agencies can help with and will help minimize the risk of infections and bed sores.

Your loved one will need to change sheets regularly because as they move less, this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. If bed sores end up opening, it is the perfect place for bacteria to infect. Personal care at home can help ensure a senior is not at risk of developing bedsores and can keep an eye on any that have already formed. As seniors get older, their skin changes, it loses elasticity, and it becomes thinner, making it more vulnerable to things like bedsores.


Personal Care at Home Can Help With Skin Checks

A caregiver needs to provide skin checks because a senior can easily develop pressure sores, which can go unnoticed until it is super painful or even infected. Your loved one may not want to rely on adult children for this task because it is a vulnerable position to be in. This is when personal care at home service may be more comfortable for a senior who still wishes to age. This is something that does not need to be done every day, but it should be something that a caregiver can do twice a week.


Movement Will Help

You may not know this, but even bedridden seniors need to move around as much as possible. This movement will actually help prevent a person from developing bedsores. A senior should move from side to side and even sit up during the day for as long as possible.

Personal care at home caregivers will help your loved one move into new positions and will remind them when to move around. Keeping to a movement routine will help your loved one with blood flow and pressure sores, so it is something all caregivers and seniors should think about every day.


Taking a Senior to The Doctor

If your senior loved one already has bedsores they will need to go to the doctor to get regular checkups. This will help a senior understand what they need to do to keep themselves healthy. Even if your loved one does not have pressure sores, personal care at home can provide transportation to any appointments for the health of your loved one.



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