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Home Care – Hobbies for Seniors with Arthritis

Home Care in Westchester NY
Home Care in Westchester NY

One of the best ways to ensure your senior loved one is finding ways to cope with stress and having fun while aging in place, is ensuring they have hobbies! However, not all hobbies are suitable for seniors who have arthritis. For example, your mom may have loved to knit and sew but can no longer hold the needles, or their hands hurt too bad to work with them. Arthritis can form anywhere in the body, and it can make activities painful. Luckily, there are still so many fun things your loved one can do with the help of home care or even other family members. Here are a few activities to try with your senior loved one battling arthritis.


Go Swimming

Firstly, even when your senior has arthritis or terrible inflammation, it doesn’t mean they should stop moving. The less they move, the more pain they will be in when they do move around. They may be unable to walk around the neighborhood comfortably, but walking laps in the pool can be a huge benefit. This is easy on the body and safe for most seniors. It’s essential for home care to help a senior get to the pool safely and ensure there is a professional lifeguard on duty. There may be some classes for a senior to attend too! This means swimming can be an excellent way to socialize too.



Moving sounds painful when a senior has arthritis but something gentle like a yoga class can be beneficial for stretching out inflamed body parts. This can be held for seniors only and is a great chance for a senior to get out of the house. The best thing about attending a yoga class with a professional teacher is that they will help your loved one adapt any moves to ensure it feels good. The point of yoga is to push the body and listen to your body, ensuring it feels comfortable.


Try Painting

Your senior may be saying they don’t know how to paint, but there are tons of ways to partake in this hobby. If your seniors can’t paint, have them enroll in a local art class. If there is none available in your area, try buying them paint by numbers! This is the best way to keep occupied during the day and is easy on the body since it requires minimal movement. If your senior feel like getting fancy, they can try pouring painting and then new techniques!


Bake Treats

If you have grandkids or even kids, your senior may have something to look forward to. Encourage your senior to bake for the family! Have family dinners to give your seniors something to look forward to. If your children have a bake sale coming up, have your senior bake family recipes. There are many events like church fairs, school fairs, or community events that require baked goods to be auctioned off or served to guests. This is a chance for your seniors to enjoy their favorite hobby without stressing out their brains or body.


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