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5 Different Types of Care Available for Seniors That Want to Live Independently

Personal care at home is one type of specialty care for seniors who want to age in place.
Personal Care at Home in Westchester NY

Seniors who want to stay in their own homes as they get older don’t have to do so without support. There are several different types of support available to seniors at home. Each different type of support is designed to help seniors with specific concerns. From general help with things like day-to-day tasks to specialized medical care at home no matter what type of care your senior parent needs it’s available.

Getting care at home can be a game-changer for seniors. It means that seniors who are having trouble with tasks like cooking meals or doing laundry can stay safely in their own homes. It means that seniors who have serious conditions like Alzheimer’s can stay in their homes too. Five of the different types of at-home care available for seniors who need support to continue living independently are:

Personal Care at Home

Personal care at home is specialty care for seniors who are having trouble with hygiene tasks. A care provider that is trained in how to safely assist seniors with showering, getting dressed, going to the bathroom, and other delicate tasks will make it easier for seniors to keep up their daily hygiene. Personal care at home can also include transferring in and out of bed to help seniors with mobility challenges.

Companion Care at Home

Companion care is non-medical care for seniors who have a high risk of becoming isolated and lonely at home. Seniors who are aging in place who have lost their spouse, don’t have children nearby, or who live in a rural area without a lot of neighbors rely on companion care.

Companion caregivers provide companionship, conversation, and recreational activities to enhance seniors’ mental and emotional well-being. They also assist with light housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, grocery shopping, errands, and transportation to appointments or social outings.

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing care involves the provision of medical services and nursing care by licensed nurses in the comfort of seniors’ homes. Skilled nursing services are often helpful for seniors with complex medical needs, and chronic conditions, and for seniors who have been released recently from the hospital.

Skilled nursing care includes things like monitoring seniors’ health status, administering medications, wound care, and managing medical equipment. Skilled nursing care may be short-term or long-term.

Home Care

Home care for seniors is a “catch-all” kind of service that benefits many seniors who are happily aging in place but need some support. A home care provider can help seniors cook meals, wash the dishes, sweep the floors, do laundry, and perform other household tasks. They can also take seniors shopping, to medical appointments, to the hair salon, to the gym, or anywhere else they need to go.

Home Health Care

Home health care is a step up in care from home care but not as advanced as skilled nursing care. Often seniors who are trying to manage chronic conditions rely on home health care to do that. With home health care seniors get visits from care providers that can help them manage conditions like diabetes, lupus, COPD, and more.

With home health care seniors don’t need to go through the hassle of getting to regular medical appointments for help managing their condition. Because the caregivers are trained medical staff if they notice worsening symptoms or a change in your senior’s health status they will let you and your senior parent’s doctor know about the change.

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