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Explore Remote Patient Monitoring During National High Blood Pressure Education Month

Remote Patient Monitoring in New York City NY: Blood Pressure
Remote Patient Monitoring in New York City NY: Blood Pressure

Two of the nation’s largest health risks are stroke and heart disease. High blood pressure is a risk factor for both. Has your dad been diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) or does he even know what his blood pressure is? Can it be monitored through Remote Patient Monitoring?


What Is High Blood Pressure?

When a person’s heart pumps, there are two numbers being tracked in a blood pressure reading. The first number, systolic blood pressure, is the pressure of the blood as the heart beats. Diastolic is the pressure between heartbeats and is the second number. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury or mm Hg.

Healthy blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg or lower. When it’s 120 to 129/80, your dad’s blood pressure is considered elevated. Elevated blood pressure is worth watching, but a trip to the doctor’s office is stressful, and that’s all it takes to increase your blood pressure.

High blood pressure is defined as a reading of 130/80 or higher. As stress impacts your blood pressure, your dad’s doctor may not be worried yet.

It may be recommended that he starts taking his blood care measurements at home when he’s relaxed. Taking his blood pressure at the end of the appointment after the stressful things like vaccinations, blood draws, and internal examinations are over is also a good way to get an accurate blood pressure reading.

There are a few things he can do to get an accurate blood pressure measurement.

  • First, he shouldn’t have caffeinated coffee or tea within 30 minutes of the test.
  • He shouldn’t smoke.
  • Have your dad go to the bathroom and sit for five minutes to relax before his blood pressure is measured.
  • He should sit still during the test and avoid talking.
  • Resting his arm on a table and close to heart level is also helpful.


How Can He Take His Blood Pressure At Home?

Many stores sell blood pressure cuffs that allow your dad to take his blood pressure at home. His doctor can recommend trustworthy styles and brands. What if he doesn’t bother? What if his high blood pressure leads to a hospitalization? What can you do to ensure he doesn’t get readmitted?

Consider remote patient monitoring at home. Your dad works with a team to keep track of his health needs. Remote care coordinates make video calls to check on your dad. Caregivers stop by to check on him. During those calls and visits, he can be reminded to use medical devices to take his blood pressure.

If he’s set up with a telehealth kit, he’ll have the equipment he needs to take his blood pressure, and the reading is recorded for his doctor and care team to access. If anything is off, his doctor can let you know if your dad should schedule an appointment.

Talk to a specialist in remote patient monitoring. It’s the best way to keep your dad healthy and happy as he ages at home.


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