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Address Your Mom’s Medical Needs During National Women’s Health Week

Virtual Caregiving in Nassau NY: Medical Needs
Virtual Caregiving in Nassau NY: Medical Needs

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services established Women’s Health Week to get women to stand up and take charge of their health. It falls from May 8th to the 14th in 2022. It’s not focused on one specific disease or condition. Instead, it focuses on all health conditions women face.

It covers everything from diabetes and heart disease to aging and high blood pressure. If you think about all aspects of your mom’s health, is she overlooking anything? It’s a good time to address her health issues and what she does and doesn’t know. Virtual Caregiving can be the first step.


Is She Missing Vaccinations?

Has your mom gotten all of the vaccinations she needs? If there are vaccinations she’s missing, is there a reason she hasn’t had it? If she has allergies or religious reasons that prevent her from getting specific vaccinations, that’s understandable. If she’s simply not getting something because she saw a social media post about it, it’s time to talk about it.

By the time she’s 65, your mom should have had her shingles and pneumonia vaccinations. She should have had her yearly flu shot, COVID series and boosters, and childhood vaccinations like measles, mumps, rubella, and polio. Has it been ten years since her last TDAP booster? If so, it’s time.


What Tests Is She Missing?

Your mom may no longer need to go for mammograms or pap smears, depending on what her doctor says. She should have gone through at least one colonoscopy. If she had colon cancer or polyps found, she may need to go more often than every ten years.

She should be going for regular blood tests to check her cholesterol levels. A complete blood panel to check her iron levels may be recommended if she’s had issues with anemia in the past. Your mom may also need to have her vitamin D and vitamin B levels checked to diagnose other health conditions.

If your mom hasn’t been for a bone density screening to check for osteoporosis, it’s time. She needs to know if her bones are weakening. If she falls and has weak bones, she’s more likely to fracture a bone.


Does Your Mom Have Chronic Health Conditions?

Does your mom have any chronic health conditions that she’s monitoring or trying to manage? It’s important that you know what steps she’s taking to take care of herself. Is she taking medications for high blood pressure? Does she have diabetes?

As you explore your mom’s health needs, it’s important to verify that she has a strong support team. Make a virtual caregiver part of that team.

With virtual caregivers, your mom has someone to meet with virtually to ensure she’s taking her medications and doing things like measuring her blood sugar levels or blood pressure each day. Remote patient monitoring is a great way to allow your mom to have her privacy without ignoring her health. Call now to schedule virtual caregivers.


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