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Personal Care at Home Advice for Women and Hair Loss

Hair Loss: Personal Care at Home Bronx NY
Hair Loss: Personal Care at Home Bronx NY

According to studies more than 50% of women over the age of 50 experience thinning hair and hair loss. As women age menopause, diet, stress, and other factors can cause them to experience thinning hair or hair loss. Senior women can struggle to feel good about their appearance if they are experiencing thinning hair. But there are some things that can be done to slow down the hair loss. In some cases women may be able to stop the thinning altogether.

Personal care at home can help senior women that are feeling bad about themselves because their hair is thinning. With personal care at home, senior women will have help brushing and styling their hair to disguise thinning and make the most of the hair they have. Good styling and products like fiber powders that make hair look fuller can make senior women feel good about their appearance again.

Female Pattern Hair Loss is Common

According to research women most often will experience thinning hair on the sides and back of their head. The front hair usually remains intact. This is called Female Pattern Hair Loss. Even if there isn’t a history of hair loss in the family women can experience thinning hair and hair loss for many reasons. When senior women first start to notice their thinning hair it’s usually thinning at the crown of the head or by the scalp.

Most Female Hair Loss is Caused by Hormone Imbalance

There are several factors that influence how much hair loss women have. The most common reason for thinning hair and hair loss in women is a hormone imbalance. The way that the hormones change after menopause and the slowdown of the metabolism have a big impact on women’s hair health. Sometimes hormone therapy can help restore balance and stop the thinning of hair.

Stress Can Also Cause Hair Loss in Senior Women

Stress is the second most common cause of thinning hair and hair loss in senior women. When women quit working or experience a traumatic loss like the loss of a partner or the loss of a sibling the stress can cause a lot of physical symptoms. Senior women who are lonely can also experience hair loss due to stress.

There Are Products That Can Help

Medication can help stop hair loss or start regrowth in some cases. There are also over the counter vitamins and treatments that are supposed to start regrowing hair. Senior women may want to try products that can help disguise their thinning hair while they are taking supplements or medications. Powders or fibers that match the hair and can be applied to the hair to make it look fuller are popular. So are hairpieces that can be glued or clipped into the existing hair to make it look fuller. Personal care at home can help women figure out the best product for them to use.

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