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What Services Are Available With Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring in Manhattan NY
Remote Patient Monitoring in Manhattan NY

Your mom was hospitalized with dangerously high blood sugar levels. No one knew she had diabetes, so it was a shock to everyone, especially your mom. When she goes home, what does she need to do to prevent re-hospitalization?

24/7 Remote Care Coordinators

Each day, your mom has remote care monitoring checking in to see how she’s doing. Her remote care coordinator (RCC) has a list of people to contact in different situations. If it’s an emergency, paramedics are called. If it’s less urgent, your mom’s neighbor or a family member who lives nearby will get a call.

During those daily check-ins, the RCC will ask your mom if she’s checked her blood sugar. She’ll share how she feels, what she’s eaten, and if she has her medications, enough food to eat, etc. If anything is wrong, the appropriate person gets a call.

Sleep Quality

Devices can track how well your mom slept. If she was up multiple times in the night to use the bathroom, it could be an issue with a UTI or bladder infection. It’s something that can be noted and addressed with her doctor.

Water Sensors

Your mom’s bathtub sensor goes off. For some reason, water is spilling out of the tub. This might alert you to a problem. Someone can check on her and keep water damage to a minimum. There are also humidity sensors that can alert you to potential mold and mildew issues.

Smart Devices

Using smart devices that can be part of a remote monitoring service, you’ll know if your mom’s heat or AC is running. She can use voice commands to turn lights on and off. You can add a security system with cameras also.

Virtual Check-Ins with an RN

If there are issues, your mom can talk to a registered nurse virtually. If she lacks the equipment for telehealth visits, the remote patient monitoring company provides a telehealth kit. That kit includes a Wi-Fi-enabled tablet and wireless health equipment like blood pressure cuffs and oximeters.

If your mom’s glucometer is Bluetooth enabled, make sure her doctors and nurses receive those readings each day. If adjustments to her care plan are necessary, it’s easier for them to do so when they have all of the information they need.

Fall Detection and Unusual Routines

Sensors that track your mom’s movements are an option. If a sensor notes that she hasn’t left her bedroom around the time she usually gets up, her RCC is notified. If she opens a back door to let the dog out and doesn’t come back in, the RCC is notified.

Use remote patient monitoring to make sure your mom continues to take care of her blood sugar levels. If something is off, her care coordinator will alert her doctor and actions can be taken to ensure your mom’s care is the primary focus. Learn more about remote patient monitoring prices and services by making a call.

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