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6 Times When Virtual Caregiving Helps Families

Virtual Caregiving in Yonkers NY: Family Assistance
Virtual Caregiving in Yonkers NY: Family Assistance

What is virtual caregiving at home? It’s a service available to people who need someone checking in when a family caregiver or paid caregiver isn’t there. Here are six of the times when virtual caregiving helps families.

Meal Reminders

It’s a common occurrence that your mom forgets to eat. She has diabetes, so she needs to eat regularly. A virtual caregiver can call and remind your mom to get a meal or snack.

Sudden Illness

Your mom hasn’t gotten up near her usual time. Her virtual caregiver will call to make sure she’s okay. If she doesn’t respond, local contacts get a call to check on her. If your mom is ill, people will know and be able to deliver meals, check in on her, and bring any medications she needs.

Your mom can also push her personal alert button and ask for help on her own. She wakes up and feels dizzy. She can push her button, talk to her virtual caregiver, and have someone sent to her home to stay with her or take her to the doctor.

Fall Detection

Your mom is prone to falling, and you worry that she’ll fall and no one will realize it for hours or days. With virtual caregiving services, fall detection tools are installed in her home. If she falls, the system alerts her virtual caregiver. Your mom gets a call to check and see if she’s okay.

If your mom isn’t okay or doesn’t respond, the caregiver alerts those on her contact list to ensure someone goes to your mom immediately. If medical attention is needed, the virtual caregiver can alert local paramedics.

Medication Reminders

Your mom takes some medications at night before going to bed. You stay long enough to cook dinner, but you can’t stay until she goes to bed after her favorite shows. Someone needs to remind her to take her medications if she doesn’t remember on her own. Virtual caregivers offer those reminders.


Your mom has insomnia and is often wide awake at 3 a.m. She pushes her personal alert button to have someone to talk to. Her virtual caregiver can check on her and make sure she’s okay once she’s up. Your mom has peace of mind knowing someone is always there to talk to if she’s having a challenging morning and feels lonely.

Wandering Prevention

Your mom has dementia and often tries to go outside. Door and window alarms prevent this. With virtual caregiving, her caregiver can call her phone to stop her. If she still keeps going, her virtual caregiver will alert a neighbor or nearby contact.

Call a specialist in virtual caregiving at home. Your mom will have someone supporting her throughout the day and night, and that gives you peace of mind. Call now.

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