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Is Remote Patient Monitoring Suitable After Surgery?

Remote Patient Monitoring in New York City NY: Post Surgery Care
Remote Patient Monitoring in New York City NY: Post Surgery Care

Your mom had surgery, but she hates the idea of staying in the hospital during her recovery. She also doesn’t want to move to a rehabilitation community. She wants to go home. Have you looked at remote patient monitoring as an alternative?

Remote patient monitoring is a service designed to prevent hospital readmissions. Studies have shown that patients who recover at home over a hospital have a 70% lower risk of readmission. Remote care coordinators see reduction rates of up to 95%.

Of course, some surgeries may not be suitable for remote patient monitoring. You should ask her surgeon for guidance. If your mom had outpatient surgery, use remote care to check on her as she recovers.


What Does Remote Care Offer?

Remote care offers a variety of services that help your mom recover. One of the helpful services involves daily health surveys to see how she’s feeling. She might need to take her temperature while on a virtual call with her carer. If there’s a fever or severe pain, the call can be escalated to a nurse or close family member to address the risk of infection.

When you arrange remote care services, your mom and other family caregivers learn to use the telehealth equipment. Once everyone knows how to connect to a remote care coordinator and how to take vital signs with the equipment, remote care is easy to manage.

Wireless sensors track her movements if you worry about your mom waking up and needing to use the bathroom. If there’s a fall detected, an alert goes out to you or other caregivers. The coordinator may call emergency services if your mom cannot be reached.

There are three tiers of alerts. The first finds a coordinator calling your mom to check on her. If that doesn’t work, you or another caregiver gets a call. After that, everyone gets a call, including emergency services.


What Types of Surgery Are Suitable for Remote Patient Monitoring?

Some surgeries take longer to recover from. If your mom has heart surgery or a hip replacement and needs to work with a nurse or therapist, remote patient monitoring may not be enough. When is remote care the perfect solution?

Suppose your mom’s doctor found a growth somewhere and decided to remove it and do a biopsy. It might be a cyst on an ovary or a mole that’s concerning. These surgeries aren’t difficult, but they require your mom to rest and take care of herself for a few days.

Remote care can help your mom by checking in and seeing how she’s feeling. She may not experience much pain at all. She may have stitches, but many surgeons use surgical glue instead.

Arrange remote patient monitoring after your mom’s minor surgery. It’s worth the peace of mind to know she has someone checking on her throughout the day. As long as she doesn’t lift anything heavy or exercise strenuously, she’s fine on her own.

Remote care coordinators can check in and see how your mom feels. If there seems to be anything wrong, the coordinator calls your mom’s medical team. Learn more by contacting a specialist in remote care services.


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