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Use Virtual Caregiving to Check-In on Your Asthmatic Dad

Virtual Caregiving in Manhattan NY
Virtual Caregiving in Manhattan NY

In close to half the U.S., poor air quality is impacting many people’s daily routines. Your dad has asthma and is struggling to be outside at all. You don’t live anywhere nearby. Virtual caregiving is a great service for checking on your dad without interrupting him too much.

Explore the Services Available with Virtual Caregiving

Home care is a service where a caregiver comes to your dad’s home to help him with household chores, medication reminders, meals, etc. Virtual caregiving is similar, but everything is done via phone or video chat. That’s the key difference.

With virtual care and monitoring, your dad’s caregiver will chat with him as often as is scheduled. He has someone to talk to and also has the reminders he needs. His virtual caregiver can call him when he wakes up in the morning and make sure he’s feeling okay and has taken his medications.

His caregiver can check in and make sure he’s eaten. If he’s supposed to check his oxygen saturation levels when the air quality is bad, his caregiver can remind him. These check-ins can occur once a day or once a week.

Virtual care services can be set up with monitoring devices that detect if your dad fell. Some monitors can alert his virtual care coordinator if he hasn’t gotten out of bed and usually has by now.

If there are any possible issues, your dad’s virtual caregiver has a list of contacts on what’s known as the “Trusted Circle.” Depending on the situation, a neighbor, friend, or family member appearing on that list will get a call to check on your dad. If there’s an emergency, emergency responders are called first and the person at the top of the contact list is called next.

Virtual Caregiving Comes With a Helpful Family Pack

A virtual caregiving plan includes a family pack of sensors that you can place at the front and back doors, and fall/motion sensors for the hallway, living room, bathroom, or kitchen. There’s also a personal assist button that your dad will wear. If he does fall, finds it hard to breathe, or wakes up and doesn’t feel well, he can push the button and connect with his virtual caregiver.

These sensors also help the virtual caregiver learn your dad’s patterns. This makes it incredibly easy to know when something is off. If your dad routinely gets up at 8 a.m., but it’s 9 a.m. and he’s still in bed, there may be a problem. The virtual caregiver can alert the nearest person in the Trusted Circle to go check on him.

How Do You Get Started?

How do you get started with virtual caregiving? Make a call and talk about your dad’s care needs and health. You’ll work with a professional in virtual care who will discuss what happens next, what equipment your dad might need, and schedule calls to provide the support he needs.

Amelia Home Care provides traditional home care assistance services, along with virtual caregiving and remote patient monitoring. Our service area includes Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Westchester County. Call today at (929) 333-3955
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