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Tips for Handling Overnight Care Needs

24-Hour Home Care in Yonkers
24-Hour Home Care in Yonkers

Cancer is taking a toll on your mom’s overall wellness. She’s tired all the time and has a hard time walking around without support. You’re with her for a few hours each day, but you’re scared of her being alone all night. Here are tips for handling overnight care.

Discuss Her Health and Care Needs

Sit down with her medical team and discuss her health and personal care needs. What does her treatment plan look like, and what medications can help her through it? Get a list of recommendations and ask if there are books that may offer additional information or support for your family.

Find out what emotional support and home care options are also helpful. Will she do anything on her own? Is she going to be able to bathe alone while sitting down on a shower seat, or is that going to be tough too?

Create a Family Schedule

Once you have a good idea of what care she needs, create a family schedule. Who is available each day to help? Even something little like picking up groceries for her can be a huge help as she goes through treatments.

Walk Her Through the Plan

As you make arrangements, walk your mom through what is recommended and what you can do. She should be able to give her own input and make some decisions. Let her give as much guidance as possible in who she trusts to help her with certain tasks, and who she would rather avoid for other tasks.

If your mom tells you that she’s not comfortable having you help her with showers and dressing, don’t take it personally. It can be incredibly hard to let a child help you with those intimate tasks.

Make Her Home Work for Her

For now, your mom will need to be close to a bathroom, kitchen, and living area. If she lives in a multi-level home, and her bedroom is on the top floor, while bathrooms are on the main level, move her bedroom downstairs for now.

This helps your mom recover when her strength is diminished. It also makes it easier for a caregiver to hear your mom call out if she needs a drink in the middle of the night or wants help getting to the bathroom.

Learn How 24-Hour Home Care Works

Before you discount the benefits of 24-hour home care, make sure you know how it works. Caregivers are not sleeping during that overnight shift. Your mom’s care aide is awake and listening. If she needs help, her caregiver will go to her and assist as needed.

When it’s time for one caregiver’s shift to end, the next caregiver is there and ready to take over. Your mom isn’t going to be left alone during the changeover.

When your mom needs overnight care, don’t leave her to fend for herself or adjust your sleep schedule. It’s important for her to rely on you, and you need to take a break. With 24-hour home care aides, one thing is guaranteed. Your mom is not alone. Talk to a specialist in 24-hour home care to discuss your mom’s needs and schedule overnight care.

Amelia Home Care provides 24-Hour Home Care in Yonkers, NY, along with virtual caregiving and remote patient monitoring. Our service area includes Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Westchester County. Call today at (929) 333-3955.

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