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How Seniors With Parkinson’s Can Hang Onto Their Mobility

Personal Care in Brooklyn
Personal Care in Brooklyn

Seniors with Parkinson’s usually struggle to hold onto their mobility. As the disease progresses, it attacks the part of the brain that controls balance and the ability to move. Tremors, or uncontrolled body movements, are common during the progression of this disease.

It’s also common for seniors to slowly find it harder and harder to stand up, sit straight, get in and out chairs, and walk. Personal care helps seniors with Parkinson’s stay safe at home by helping them get around the house.

With personal care, seniors have a lower risk of falling trying to do daily living, like getting in or out of bed or going to the bathroom. Personal care can help seniors stay mobile as long as possible by helping them with things like:

Strength Training

Strength training is a great activity for seniors that will help them retain their muscle strength. Having good muscle strength can slow down their loss of mobility because of Parkinson’s disease. Strength training is often recommended for seniors, even if they don’t have Parkinson’s but it can be especially helpful for seniors with Parkinson’s. Doing strength training exercises at home just a few days each week can significantly improve the chances that a senior will have the muscle strength they need to move around on their own.


Walking is another fantastic activity for seniors that will allow seniors to build the muscles they need to stay mobile as Parkinson’s attacks their central nervous system. Just walking for 30 minutes a day can help your senior parent hold onto the mobility they currently have. If your senior parent can’t do a full 30 minute walk, doing a few short walks will still have benefits. All movement will benefit seniors. It doesn’t have to be a difficult exercise to be effective.


Pilates is a trendy exercise now.  But it was originally created to help soldiers recovering from war keep their muscle strength when they couldn’t get out of their hospital beds. It is a system of gentle stretching and exercises that keep muscles strong without a lot of physical exertion. In Pilates, the quality of the action matters more than how many repetitions someone can do. Pilates exercises modified for seniors can help seniors develop a strong core. This will make it easier to stand, sit up, and support their body weight even as Parkinson’s progresses.

Providing Them with Safe Support 

Change often happens slowly. Your senior parent will probably notice small ways that their inability to do the things they used to do show up as the Parkinson’s gets worse. By getting professional personal care for a senior with Alzheimer’s you are giving your senior loved one the support they need.  Support to honestly assess their current ability to move and work on making changes based on their current condition.

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