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What Technology Can Help With Caregiving?

Virtual Caregiving in Bronx
Virtual Caregiving in Bronx

Have you ever considered the value of technology in helping your mom age at home? Presently, you’re not able to spend every day with her, and she also doesn’t need a lot of care. Given that, technology can make a big difference in her safety and happiness. It’s important to consider what devices will help the most.

What Technology Helps?

Most families have a smartphone, and many also have a computer. Both of these are essential tools to make it easy to talk to your mom while also seeing her face. You can gauge that her color is okay, and that she looks like she’s eating well and staying hydrated. You can hear if she’s sick or not.

With a computer, smartphone, or tablet, services like Google Chat, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. make it easy to video chat each day. Undoubtedly, you’ll need to walk your mom through how to use it. If she’s having a hard time, consider a GrandPad or voice-activated Amazon Echo Show.

Likewise, a smart display is helpful in daily routines. Set reminders that go off, and remind your mom to take her medications. Until she has and tells the display to stop the alert, it will keep going off. She can also use some smart displays for phone calls and video chats, to find a TV show or movie and play it on her TV, and to turn on and off lights in different areas of the home.

In addition, smart thermostats can keep track of the temperature and alert you if something is wrong. If the heat isn’t turning on, you’ll know that the house has gotten too cold. Equally important, the same is true in hot weather. If AC stops working, you get an alert.

Video cameras are great at alerting you to someone in your mom’s driveway or at one of her doors. You can use them within the home to ensure your mom has gotten up in the morning, come out of the bathroom, and gets something to eat in the kitchen.

How Does Virtual Caregiving Use Technology?

A virtual caregiving service sends equipment to help with your mom’s daily routine. Motion detection is used to alert the team if your mom has fallen. They can call and check on her. If she doesn’t respond, the person at the top of her contact list gets a call to check on her. If that’s not possible, EMTs are dispatched.

Door alarms alert the team to your mom leaving the home. If she doesn’t come back in a timely manner, a call goes out to have someone check on her.

There’s also an app installed on her tablet, computer, or smartphone. Each day, her aides will call her at the designated times to check in and make sure she’s doing okay.

Virtual caregiving is a service where virtual home care aides check in on your elderly mom. During that remote check-in, your mom enjoys companionship, and her caregiver ensures she’s doing well. Call a specialist in virtual caregiving to learn more.

Amelia Home Care provides traditional in-home care services, along with virtual caregiving and remote patient monitoring. Our service area includes Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Westchester County. Call today at (929) 333-3955.

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