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Home Care Assistance: Bathroom Safety Rules For Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Brooklyn NY: Bath Safety Month
Home Care Assistance in Brooklyn NY: Bath Safety Month

Home Care Assistance:  January is Bath Safety Month which means January is the perfect time to make sure that your senior loved one is doing everything they can to be safe in the bathroom.

Getting home care assistance for your senior loved ones is a fantastic way to help them stay safe when they are bathing or doing daily personal care. But it’s also a good idea to discuss these bathroom safety rules and agree that following these bathroom safety rules for seniors will help them avoid falls and injuries:

Always Use Grab Bars

Make sure that there are plenty of grab bars strategically placed around the bathroom so that your senior loved one can always access one if they need a helping hand. Place them in and around the tub or shower area, by the toilet, and in other places as necessary. Your senior loved one should practice them using them while a home care assistance provider is there in case they need help. After that, they should be able to use them safely on their own when the home care assistance provider isn’t there.

Check The Floors Before Stepping

Remind your senior loved ones to look at the floors and check for any obvious spills before heading into the bathroom. They may not always be able to see any water or substances on the floor that could make the floor slippery but sometimes they can avoid danger just by taking a good look before they walk into the bathroom. Make it easy for them to turn on a light by putting lights on a smart plug that they can control with just their voice or leave a small nightlight on all the time.

Walk On The Safety Mats

If your senior loved one has safety mats or anti-slip mats in the bathroom they should always use the mats. You can create a path around the bathroom with the mats to give them a safe surface to navigate the room on. Or you can apply an anti-slip coating designed to give better traction to the entire floor to ensure that they won’t slip on the bathroom floor. If your senior loved one uses a walker or a cane you may also want to apply an anti-slip coating to the walker or the cane.

When In Doubt, Wait

Ask your senior loved one to promise that if they are feeling unsteady on their feet or if they notice a visible spill in the bathroom they will wait until a home care assistance provider comes over to take care of any personal care or bathing. Seniors who are not feeling like their balance is good or who feel like they can’t walk or stand on their own safely, in the bathroom should always wait for assistance before trying to do any personal care. Let your senior loved ones know that they will be able to get help either from you or a home care assistance provider whenever they need it.


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