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How Can Virtual Caregiving Help During Healthy Aging Month?

Virtual Caregiving in Brooklyn
Virtual Caregiving in Brooklyn

Healthy Aging Month is a time to raise awareness of the practices to embrace as you age. Certainly, it’s more than eating the right foods and getting exercise. Healthy aging is about taking care of your mental and emotional health, staying social and engaged within your community, and taking care of your vision.

Have you looked into virtual caregiving yet? Your mom’s health is changing, but you can’t stop in every day. Your mom needs someone to check in regularly, but in-home care is only available for so many hours. Virtual caregivers spot issues before they spiral into a major problem. In brief, here’s how virtual caregiving works.

The Benefits of Virtual Caregiving

First, a telehomecare system is set up in your mom’s home, which provides her home with technology designed to keep her safe. For instance, there are sensors placed in main areas that detect if your mom falls or hasn’t moved from room to room in a while. Therefore, if something is wrong, the alert goes to those nearby.

Suppose your mom hasn’t yet gotten out of bed. It’s two hours past the time she usually gets up. The alert goes out and a virtual caregiver calls your mom to make sure she’s feeling okay. If she doesn’t respond, one of the people on her contact list requests to check on her.

If your mom falls, the virtual caregiver can monitor to see if she gets back up or not. If not, and your mom needs help, paramedics or a neighbor are called.

Her virtual caregiver calls each day to check in and make sure your mom doesn’t need anything. During that call, the caregiver can remind your mom to take her pills, check her blood sugar levels, and make sure she’s not feeling lonely.

Suppose your mom has Alzheimer’s. She’s in the early stages, but you need to make sure she doesn’t go too far. Her memory care team recommended adding cameras and sensors to monitor her activities.

You’ve fenced in the yard for her to be outside in her gardens or on the patio. The monitors can alert you when she goes outside. You could then use security cameras to ensure she goes back inside to get drinks or take breaks from the sun.

Getting Started With Virtual Caregivers

Healthy Aging Month is a good time to talk about virtual caregiving. Build a list of the ways a virtual caregiver can help your mom with her daily routines. If you or your brothers and sisters have questions and haven’t been able to find answers, jot those questions down.

Your mom’s care needs are supported with regular check-ins from a virtual carer. She has some one video chatting on a schedule, a caregiver to remind her when to take medications, and more. Call a virtual caregiving service to learn more about arranging virtual caregivers.

Amelia Home Care provides traditional in-home care services, along with virtual caregiving and remote patient monitoring. Our service area includes Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Westchester County. Call today at (929) 333-3955.


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