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How Do Virtual Caregivers Help Your Parents Age at Home?

Virtual Caregivers in Queens NY: Telehome Care
Virtual Caregivers in Queens NY: Telehome Care

It’s been your mom and dad’s dream to age at home, but the older they get, the more you realize they need help. They have a caregiver to help them with laundry and housekeeping each week, but you’re not sure that’s enough. Have you looked into virtual caregivers?

Virtual caregiving is a service that meets many family’s needs when it comes to ensuring their parents have support. There are several situations where virtual caregivers are the ideal solution for your parents’ difficulties as they age.


Medication Reminders

Your dad is still mobile and enjoys his freedom aging at home. However, he’s been diagnosed with high blood pressure. It’s not too hard for him, but he’s struggling to remember to take his new prescriptions. You don’t feel it’s worth hiring a caregiver to come to his home for one task, but he needs more help than you can offer.

This is just one example where virtual caregiving helps. Instead of having a professional caregiver drive to his home to watch him take his medications, he could have an aging assistant call each morning and stay on the virtual chat with him until he’s taken his pills.

Daily Check-Ins

Your mom is okay on her own, but you do like to have peace of mind that she’s up, showered, and getting her day started. She’s fallen in the shower once, and no one knew until they stopped by after work. You never want that to happen again.

Don’t feel that you have to show up for work late every day to make sure she’s up. Hire a telehome care visit and let a virtual caregiver see that she’s awake, showered, dressed, and okay.


Around-the-Clock Monitoring

Around-the-clock monitoring is another option. Your dad is recovering from the flu. While he’s okay on his own, he does have to have someone checking in every few hours to make sure he takes another dose of his prescribed antiviral medications, eats a snack, and drinks plenty of water.

You’re not forced to take time off work or make too many calls from your office, leading to distractions when you’re busy. Virtual care at home aides can check-in, make sure he’s following his doctor’s orders, and ask if he needs anything.


Gap Fillers

Your mom and dad have weekly caregiver visits to help with housework and laundry. You think other things would help them, but it’s not worth having the caregivers around every day. You can use virtual home care visits to fill gaps.

Use virtual care at home to check in and see if your parents are having issues with frozen pipes or a heating system that stopped working during the night. Caregivers can check in and make sure your parents have eaten. They can see if your parents feel okay.

Does this sound like a helpful senior care service? Talk to a specialist in virtual caregiving to schedule telehome care visits.


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