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Can Remote Patient Monitoring Help With High Blood Pressure?

Remote Patient Monitoring in Queens NY: High Blood Pressure
Remote Patient Monitoring in Queens NY: High Blood Pressure

The American College of Cardiology defines the first stage of high blood pressure as blood pressure of 130 over 80 or higher. If your blood pressure is 140 over 90 or higher, it’s stage two and something 47% of the population is experiencing. You got the call that people fear. Your mom fell and hit her head on the toilet. She got dizzy and fell. The ER doctor found her blood pressure was extremely high. The doctor urges her to take immediate action. She’s about to be released, and you need to help her come up with a way to avoid hospital readmission. Is Remote Patient Monitoring something you could use?

Know Your Mom’s Blood Pressure Goals

What is your mom’s care plan? Does she need to start taking prescription medication? She might need to take a medication that relaxes the blood vessels or helps the heart to beat less forcefully. She may need to manage the sodium and water levels in her blood.

It’s important that your mom takes her medications daily, but the side effects can be concerning. If your mom gets dizzy after taking them, her fall risk increases. They could give her headaches, nausea, or swollen legs, ankles, and feet.

Your mom’s doctor will likely recommend exercise and that your mom maintain a healthy weight if needed. She’ll need to learn to manage her dietary choices by lowering salt intake and eating whole foods over foods with a lot of sugar, over-processed grains, and saturated fats.


Consider the Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

You live too far away to check on your mom more than every few months. You need someone to check on her, but she only needs quick check-ins. Her needs don’t find what home care aides offer. Have you looked into remote patient monitoring?

Virtual caregivers call your mom at specific hours to check on her. Those virtual caregiving sessions might be to remind her to take her medications and watch her take them. It might be to use the telehealth kit to take her blood pressure and go over the results with the remote care coordinator (RCC).

If there are problems, the RCC may converse with your mom’s doctor to discuss whether she should be seen or not. If her doctor wants to talk to her, the RCC can arrange a tele-health conference with your mom and her doctor.

There’s another benefit to remote patient monitoring. A tele-home care plan can include monitors that alert the RCC to issues with your mom’s normal routine. If the sensors detect there’s been no movement in the home for a while, her RCC can check on her. If it senses a fall, the RCC makes sure she’s okay.

Your mom has a personal assist button she can push if she needs help. She’s never alone when she has virtual caregivers and remote care.


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