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Is Companion Care Right for Your Senior Parent?

Companion Care at Home in Bronx
Companion Care at Home in Bronx

If you live far from your senior parent or can’t visit as often as you’d like, then companion care at home might be a good option for them. Companion care at home helps address one of the biggest problems seniors who are aging at home face – loneliness. Loneliness, anxiety, and depression can impact seniors who live alone and don’t get regular social interaction.

With companion care at home, your senior loved one will have the company of someone they trust. So they won’t be alone. Companion care at home for seniors includes things like:

Shared Meals

With companion care at home, your senior loved one won’t have to eat their meals alone. They will also have company and help while they cook. If they’ve stopped cooking meals because they don’t like to eat alone, having a friend to cook and eat with every day can be enjoyable. When eating becomes a fun activity shared with a friend, seniors are more likely to eat the healthy, nutritious meals they need. Your senior loved one may even be inspired to try new meals or a new style of cooking, because they will have someone to share that experience with.

Running Errands

Running errands can be difficult for seniors. Likewise, running errands alone can be so much of a hassle that seniors just don’t do it. Especially if they don’t drive anymore and need to arrange for taxis or ride shares. Seniors may just let their errands go. Because it’s too difficult for them to do those errands alone. With a companion doing errands, it can be turned into a fun activity. Also, with someone to help your senior parent with transportation, getting out of the house won’t seem so intimidating.

Social Outings

Going out socially is something many seniors don’t do. Because it’s not fun to go to the movies, to lunch, or to other places alone. But seniors who have companions enjoy going out socially and seeing new places, exploring the town, going to movies or plays, and going out for lunches, coffee, or tea. Companion care gives seniors the trusted friend they need to make social outings fun. Even going out to exercise, like playing golf or tennis, or just going for a walk, is much more fun for seniors when they have a companion.


Grocery shopping can be tedious and even anxiety-inducing for seniors. Managing lists, making sure they get all the things they need, managing their money, and lifting heavy bags make shopping a real chore for some seniors. But with companion care, seniors will have someone who can help them shop. Shopping will be easier and more fun when seniors don’t have to do it alone. And you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your senior loved one has the help and companionship they need to stay healthy.

Amelia Home Care provides traditional Companion Care at Home services, along with virtual caregiving and remote patient monitoring. Our service area includes Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Westchester County. Call today at (929) 333-3955.

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