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Home Care: Who Is Respite Care For?

Home Care in New York City NY: Respite Care
Home Care in New York City NY: Respite Care

Home Care: Do you know what respite care is?

It’s a short-term care service designed to help family caregivers and their parents. You can use it for a few hours now and then or daily for weeks. Respite care is a service that some families don’t understand. Did you know that you can arrange respite care to give yourself a break? It’s not just a service that helps you recover following a fall or surgical procedure. Here’s what you and your home care provider need to know.


You Have the Chance to Take a Vacation or Run Errands

It’s been years since you’ve had a vacation. Your best friend won a trip to the Caribbean and asked if you wanted to go. You would love to, but your parents cannot be alone for a whole week.

With respite care, you can have caregivers stop by and help your parents as needed. You’re free to have this vacation and don’t have to worry about your parents being alone and unsafe in your absence.

You might just want a day off once a week to run errands or go to the gym for a workout. Respite care helps with that, too.

Respite Care Does Give You Time to Recover

You haven’t been feeling well. After visiting your doctor, you learn you have appendicitis and need to undergo surgery ASAP. You’re the family caregiver, and your parents rely on help each day. Respite care aides are a great solution.

While you’re in surgery and healing, your parents are fully supported by a professional caregiver. When you’re healed, the caregiver services end.


Home Care: How Do You Get Started?

How do you schedule respite care services? Start by going over the things you do to help your parents. Create a list. If you need a few days off, you’ll write out a list of the things you’d typically do on each of the days you’ll be away.

If you want to have a break once a week, write out a to-do list for the hours you want to go for a walk, run errands, or sleep in. If you need a month or two to recover from surgery or undergo cancer treatments, come up with a list of everything you do each week in a month.

Once you have an idea of what is done each day, call an expert in home care. Discuss your parents’ care needs. That helps the specialist come up with a care plan that caregivers will follow.

It’s time to arrange respite care to help you and your parents with home care. You need a break, but you can’t leave them alone. Or, they need temporary care while recovering from surgery. A home care expert can help you schedule caregiver visits for as long as they need them.


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