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Talk About the Advantages of 24-Hour Home Care After a Cancer Diagnosis

24-Hour Home Care in Nassau NY: Cancer Care
24-Hour Home Care in Nassau NY: Cancer Care

Some of the most common cancers in men are also easier to treat when they’re caught early. Skin cancer is the most common. Others are colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer. Regular screenings and check-ups with a doctor are important. Hiring a 24-Hour Home Care services provider can help taking your senior on appointments.

Your dad has been diagnosed with cancer. He’s undergoing treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. What can your family do to support him?


Remember Your Dad’s Experiencing a Myriad of Emotions


Learning you have cancer is never easy. Your dad is going to be emotional. He might be angry, scared, anxious, depressed, or a mix of them all. You need to let him vent his feelings, even if it means he gets angry with you. It’s not personal, he’s just struggling with the news.


One of the ways you can help him is by taking him out of his house to do fun things. If he’s up to it, take him golfing. He’ll have time to focus on something else and forget that he’s sick for a little bit. He might want to go fishing or to the movies.


While your dad is going through a lot, don’t discount your own feelings. You’re likely in shock. The man who has been the strong family pillar now needs everyone to support him. This can be a hard adjustment, but it’s a necessary one.


If you need to talk it out, look for cancer family support groups. A support group allows you to surround yourself with a strong support team. Those members know what you’re experiencing, and that can make a big difference. Lean on them as much as you need.


Discuss 24-Hour Home Care


Sit down with your dad and talk about 24-hour home care services. By having caregivers available throughout the day and night, he’s never alone. If he wakes in the middle of the night and feels ill, he has the support of a caregiver to help him get to the bathroom.

If he doesn’t make it in time, it’s okay as his caregiver is there to help him clean up, change the sheets, and stay with him until he’s ready to go back to sleep. He has the support he needs and never has to feel alone.

While he sleeps, his home care aides are awake and helping out in other ways. They may do the laundry, freeing up time for the daytime caregiver to get your dad to his appointments. His caregivers cook meals, vacuum, sort the mail, and run errands.

It’s hard to predict exactly how your dad’s cancer recovery will go. Arrange 24-hour home care to make sure he’s supported with companionship and help around the home. Call today to find out pricing and availability.


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